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Month: March 2013

not so hot on why

“The little girl stretched both her hands into the air—and then the match went out, the Christmas candles all went higher and higher, and she saw that they were the bright stars. One of them fell, leaving a long fiery strip in the sky. ‘Someone’s dying!’ said the little girl; for old Granny had said that when a star falls a soul rises up to God.”…

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the crazy angle

[flowplayer src=’’ splash=’’]   “There was nothing in sight but woods, and Billy began to be worried. Which way was the road? When he looked for the sun to find what direction he should go, he saw that the sky had become very dark and stormy. It looked very strange, and he was a little frightened. They must get home before the storm.” C.W. Anderson,…

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Dredge the Brain

“Because look at me–I’m fucking falling apart. I’m constantly corroding. If you stand still that’s when it really gets you. Take a look at some of those steel buildings that have been there for a long time, they’re just corroding. It’s like a warning to me. Stay still, Shakey, and you’ll turn to rust and dust. So I keep on moving . . .”  Neil…

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this was risk

“Only a person who has lived through a time that threatens his life and that valuable substance, his individual freedom, with war, power, and tyrannical ideologies–only he knows how much courage, how much honesty and determination are needed to maintain the inner self in such a time of herd insanity.” –Stefan Zweig    backstory: summer 1978 brother and sister. here’s what they did. 1. collected…

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[flowplayer src=’’ splash=’’]   “The whale! The ship!” from Moby Dick by Herman Melville   Dear young lady on the train, talking into a cell phone: I’m not mad at all. I don’t mind listening to your conversation. After all, this is not the quiet car. Actually, I want to climb over the seat and hold your hand. I want to tell you there’s nothing…

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who you know

  –Bill O’Reilly: Let’s get to Skull and Bones, because a lot of people have heard of that. This is a Yale thing. We know that George W. Bush and his father, President Bush, were both members. But this is like a fraternity, so what’s the big deal here? –Jim Marrs: That’s right. But if you look at the odds of this one fraternity fielding…

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women without

  “She went downstairs, staggering now very badly, and awakened Mary Jane. “Wuzzat? Who? Huh?” said Mary Jane, sitting bolt upright on the couch. “Mary Jane. Listen. Please,” Eloise said, sobbing. “You remember our freshman year, and I had that brown-and-yellow dress I bought in Boise, and Miriam Ball told me nobody wore those kind of dresses in New York, and I cried all night?”…

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