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Month: February 2013

Rude Boy

[flowplayer src=’’ splash=’’]   “If somebody holds two doors for you in a row, do you thank him/her twice? (Up to you.) How do you handle a foil-clad baked potato? (Peel the foil off, but don’t crumple it into a ball.) On the morning of their departure, is it rude for the hostess to bowl into her guests’ bedroom, rip the sheets off the mattress,…

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I’m lazy and I don’t like work.

BD-3000 Luxury Droid: Maid of Metal “Nicknamed ‘Betty Droids,’ these graceful, gleaming mechanicals come in a number of bright colors. They serve wealthy owners as secretaries, butlers, and attendants on worlds such as Coruscant. Most Betty Droids are programmed to act like pretty, slightly dim girls in situations that fall out of their main functions. This annoys Republic citizens who note that the galaxy is…

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lows and highs

  “An even tougher example comes out of artist Sherrie Levine’s practice of photographing works by other artists and displaying the simulacrum as her own. Her point is to explore the status of artworks today and the miniscule amount of creativity required for a work to qualify as ‘original’ in mass culture.” –Susan M. Bielstein from her book Permissions: A Survival Guide    And the…

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Ballet Hangs On

“Ballet’s relationship to time— the fact that the repertory, unanchored by text, is always vanishing, just as the dance image on the stage is always vanishing—forms a large part of the vividness and poignance of the art. We are always losing it, like life, and therefore we re-create it, mythologize it, in our minds. Nijinsky’s life, his rapid self-extinction and the disappearance of his ballets—is…

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Amour Propre

‘We may reduce almost all the moral instruction which has been or can be given to children to the following formula. “You must not do that.” “Why not?” “Because it’s naughty.” “What does naughty mean?” “Doing what you are told not to do.” “What harm is there in doing what you are told not to do?” “You will be punished for your disobedience.””Then I shall…


lost and dreaming

[flowplayer src=’’ splash=’’] “I stop in front of the bus station, look in on the waiting people, and think about all the places they are going. But I know they can’t run away from it or drink their way out of it or die to get rid of it. It’s always there, you just look at somebody and they give you a look like the…

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Behind the Stove

A good rabbi named Eisik of Cracow had a dream. Three times he had it. The dream said: “Go to Prague, to the great bridge, and if you dig there you will find a buried treasure.” So Eisik walked all the way to Prague. He found the bridge, but it was heavily guarded. (Royal bridge.) No digging possible. After a few days of prowling and…


Beer Battered Fries

  “I was employed as a house painter to do faux-painting in Mel Gibson’s home . . . I believe it was Braveheart that was making Mel Gibson a ton of money at that time, which for us meant we could dedicate entire days to making a new door look old. Working with a large variety of media on a window pane in the closet…

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