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Month: August 2013

Reverse Psychology

  “They’d better vote me off. Gervase learned long ago that the only person responsible for Gervase is Gervase. If they don’t vote me off tonight I will win this game. I will win every Immunity Challenge, and get rid of them one by one. If they don’t vote me off, I will win the million. I will make them pay for this mistake.” He paused, shook…

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chop wood, carry water

    An Die Musik (“To Music”) Oh gracious art, in how many gray hours when life’s fierce orbit ensnared me have you kindled my heart to warm love, carried me away into a better world? How often has a sigh escaping from your harp, a sweet, sacred chord of yours, opened up for me the heaven of better times? Oh gracious art, for that…

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West in the Head

“Remember how it felt to return after many years to the high school of your youth: how small the halls were; how tattered the blinds; how grim the lockers—a greasy green, and dented without design. Reality and memory were out of tune then, and now they are again.” –William Gass (Best American Essays 1992)     Don’t think of a pink elephant. Drive your car…

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