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Month: December 2012

the arena

  “That sorrow can make one demented may be granted and is hard enough; that there is a strength of will that hauls close enough to the wind to save the understanding, even if the strain turns one slightly odd, that too may be granted. I don’t mean to decry that. But to be able to lose one’s understanding and with it the whole of…


hither and yon

  [flowplayer src=’’ splash=’’]   “Once a man and his wife were sitting outside the front door with a roast chicken before them which they were going to eat between them. Then the man saw his old father coming along and quickly took the chicken and hid it, for he begrudged him any of it. The old man came, had a drink, and went away.…

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how are you feeling?

[flowplayer src=’’ splash=’’]   :The sun was no more than a degree or so above the horizon, where it stays when it is the end of the world. From the still-heated surfaces of the water—not thoroughly cooled by the former blackness—a slight low mist begins to rise; hovering; a mist so thin it is invisible to human eyes, yet strong enough to make the pale…

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“Through the half-opened door I looked into our large and gloomy drawing room. There was no one in it. The mirror, alone and cold, swinging free on its stand, shone with a strange light. I rarely looked at myself in it. I was afraid of being caught–in the act of admiring myself. Nose long at the nostrils, alas! Broad, sharp cheek-bones, irregular profile. Sometimes I…

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Pop Quiz

[flowplayer src=’’ splash=’’]   “An audience, for anything in the arts, does not pre-exist. It is part of what is created.” Renata Adler, from Gone: The Last Days of The New Yorker   POP QUIZ 1. What do you know about Vernon Jordan? 2. Name 5 famous cartoonists. 3. When was the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) ratified? 4. How does a couple know it’s headed…


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