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they get bombed

“The hard sphere,” declared the British physicist, Sir James Jeans, “has always a definite position in space; the electron apparently has not. A hard sphere takes up a very definite amount of room, an electron—well, it is probably as meaningless to discuss how much room an electron takes up as it is to discuss how much room a fear, an anxiety, or an uncertainty takes…

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emotional states

  We’re working with ideas and theories that have built up like rock and sand, mountain and steppe over millions of years. We’re dealing with the evolution of ideas, emotions, and attitudes. The question is: how much can one person affect their own development in a world of fixed ideas and strict labeling? This is love, for example. Either get with it or give up…

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refused to love her

notes on fear, fight or flight maybe I turned against myself (hypothalamus stimulates action) maybe the selfishness and self-seeking have been a form of isolation (pituitary gland releases hormones) did I back down as soon as there was conflict? (adrenal glands release epinephrine so your heart contracts, beats more strongly, beats faster) was i operating as an island? (blood pressure rises) often have trouble identifying…

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Pride and Prejudice, Antidote and Antivenom

My purpose on earth is to help in the project of UNDERSTANDING FEELINGS. What are they anyway? Are they aliens? Are we infected? I’m a scientist in the word lab. My address is: Pretty Baby Life-raft, The Sea.

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finite. needy. prone to mistakes.

I came to see that the core of all my problems was my sense of inadequacy . . . At that time I didn’t understand shame . . . in my grandiosity I was either superhuman (exceptional) or inhuman (wormlike.) I was never first human. If I tried to be more than human (shameless) I would end up less than human (shame-full)… To be shameless…

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