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Creative Shame Reduction Experiment 5: “Why Buddhism is True”

1. If we were going to tell you something about yourself that will be important, and helpful, it would be that you were onto something when you started emptying big words of their meaning. Words like love, time, person. And also, ignore everyone. 2. It’s possible that the shame is a priori. That the shame was in me first. I moved up to it the…

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accept honor engage feel

[based on dialogue with Caroline Kelley, Phd. and Tim Lyons, almost Phd.] How do we live? How do we live our lives? Self-help? Is Self-help our god? The Gay Science, Eternal Recurrence, Every Aspect of Your Life Will Be Repeated Again and Again, What If, a philosophy in moments, everything is collapsed within the now, into the now, atomistic, a vision of space time, a…

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Creative Shame Reduction Experiment 4: Internal Family Systems

Visual aids and goodies from last week’s session with Kimberlee Auerbach Berlin. (a wonderful guest! thank you Kimmi!) 1. here’s a photo of the pulaski skyway 2. here’s a story i wrote seven years ago about that experience i had on the bus in india traveling from Chennai to Tiruvannamalai. i updated the ending. When I was traveling in India I bought myself two bus…

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Creative Shame Reduction Experiment, Trial 2

“Suicide is the ultimate act of Shame,” me “Suicide is an act of Violent Narcissism,” mike (quotes from last night’s conversation with Mike Schmidt, Qi Gong teacher and Energy Healer) Our chat was on Facebook Live, on my Boo Trundle page. I was going to post it here but I don’t think I will. I took it down from Facebook, for lots of reasons. It…

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Let Go Again

Hello Scratchers. This website isn’t going anywhere–all my old Itchy Banquet posts will remain here in the Archives (I love them all so much). HOWEVER, I have renamed the site to reflect the human being who is making this stuff, and to allow me to display a larger spectrum of content. To satisfy the rules at Facebook regarding fan pages and self-branding, which in…

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finite. needy. prone to mistakes.

I came to see that the core of all my problems was my sense of inadequacy . . . At that time I didn’t understand shame . . . in my grandiosity I was either superhuman (exceptional) or inhuman (wormlike.) I was never first human. If I tried to be more than human (shameless) I would end up less than human (shame-full)… To be shameless…

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Pride and Prejudice, Antidote and Antivenom

My purpose on earth is to help in the project of UNDERSTANDING FEELINGS. What are they anyway? Are they aliens? Are we infected? I’m a scientist in the word lab. My address is: Pretty Baby Life-raft, The Sea.

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