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“Because look at me–I’m fucking falling apart. I’m constantly corroding. If you stand still that’s when it really gets you. Take a look at some of those steel buildings that have been there for a long time, they’re just corroding. It’s like a warning to me. Stay still, Shakey, and you’ll turn to rust and dust. So I keep on moving . . .”  Neil Young, 1988  ♥Add a Tooltip Text

Operation Shakey

Objective: Keep Moving 

1. Move out of childhood home. When you’re legal to drink, it’s not your home anymore.
2. Get wheels. Pay for them.
3. Dredge the brain. Regular-like.
4. Take chances with your hair.
5. Avoid gazing at photos of people you don’t know.
6. Avoid gazing at photos of people you do know.
7. Retreat from toxic sludge.
8. Wage war with neighboring islands. Attack from the sea. Subdue rebellion.
9. Learn to like jazz.
10. Cave dive. Nah. Don’t do that.