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“The little girl stretched both her hands into the air—and then the match went out, the Christmas candles all went higher and higher, and she saw that they were the bright stars. One of them fell, leaving a long fiery strip in the sky. ‘Someone’s dying!’ said the little girl; for old Granny had said that when a star falls a soul rises up to God.”

Hans Christian Andersen, from “The Little Match Girl”


You know you’ve been resurrected when:

1. You sit down and read a book.
2. Blemishes fade.
3. You wear the right kind of coat to an outdoor event.
4. Your toenails are safe around others.
5. Food makes sense.
6. You cry over other people’s pain–even historical people, even imaginary people.
7. You tolerate birds.
8. You go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning.
9. When a person tastes perfect, you notice this.
10. When a person tastes perfect, you stick around.