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Large Pearl

    “There is a life-sized bronze statue of Woody Allen in Spain. (fact) Onion comes from a Latin word meaning large pearl. (fact) There are more chickens than people in the world. (fact) The models for Rodin’s The Kiss were his parents. (crap) Venus spins in the opposite direction of all the planets. (fact)” taken from cards for the game Fact or Crap, c. 2009…

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barking backward

“The old dog barks backward without getting up. I can remember when he was a pup.” –Robert Frost, “The Span of Life”   My boyfriend’s older brother was twenty-one. We were seventeen at the time, so twenty-one was a glamorous wedding with destiny. But “Russ” just sat there all day in the TV room, an extra bedroom on the second floor of his mom’s house.…

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    ANGER + DISGUST = outrage ANGER  +  SADNESS = betrayal ANGER + FEAR = caged animal DISGUST + FEAR = horror SADNESS +  SURPRISE = disappointment emotional mixtures for drawing facial expressions formulated by Scott McCloud in Making Comics Here’s what I know about the man. His heart was in the right place, originally. He wanted good things, and his friends had noble ideas and…

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pinky and leather

  “Wonder who first slid in to use another creature’s skin for staying warm—” Carter Revard, from “Skins as Old Testament”     she has this uncharacteristic fantasy of wearing leather clothing items and accessories. not one at a time but the whole collection at once. it’s uncharacteristic because she loves animals. well, maybe she doesn’t love animals, but she feels sorry them. she feels sorry…

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worry lines

  –loss of strength and muscle weakness all over the body –double vision –blurred vision and drooping eyelids –hoarseness or loss of voice –trouble saying words clearly –loss of bladder control –trouble breathing –trouble swallowing –Botox, possible side effects   He passed his reflection in a store window and surprised himself. What a scowl. It was there without his permission or knowledge. He wasn’t even…

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legal matters

“Too much agreement kills a chat.” –Eldridge Cleaver    I shouldn’t be quoting Eldridge Cleaver on Itchy Banquet for lots of reasons. For example, I am white and I don’t know shit. Furthermore, according to his book, which is filed under “autobiography,” he was a rapist. I don’t go around quoting rapists. Still, it’s just a book. Black words on white paper. So there. Soul…


a square is a rectangle

[flowplayer src=’’ splash=’’]   “What I used to tell people was that, when I die, I want the whole world to end at the same time. If I have to die, I want everyone else to die; I want it all to cease at the same time. Everyone says, ‘Oh, that’s a very selfish outlook.’” –from a conversation recorded and transcribed by David Wojnarowicz  Reasons…

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[flowplayer src=’’ splash=’’]     “This trial is all about my image, this has nothing to do with me. . . I’m selling records. This is what I do for a living: I’m selling records. Don’t get it twisted. This is not my real life.” –Tupac Shakur, 1995        Absent without permission.        

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to scale

(These are a few of the fake nails designed for Adriana La Cerva of The Sopranos.)   RKP Proctor Theatre, 1915 112-116 Market Street “Built to replace the smaller Proctor’s Theater on Park Place, this was a classic example of the vaudeville and cinema palaces that were going up all over the country in that period. It was designed and built on a grandiose scale…

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get a dog

  “What is the medical name for a sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach? Epigastric sensation.”   from the Handy Science Answer Book  I picked up a DVD of the movie Crash this weekend at a Lawn Sale. (50 cents) Finding Crash felt serendipitous for a couple of reasons. First, because Lonely Crazy Housewife No.1 has been heavy on my mind lately, and I have been thinking…

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a waste of energy

“Heat is inherently untidy. It is the most disorderly form of energy. However, all the other forms of energy, when used, are converted into the energy of heat, so that the tendency is for all the energy in the universe to fall into a state of disorder. Because of its random nature, heat, even when it is in a concentrated form—say in the boiler of…

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ear in the grass



“The average number of parts now added is ten. This includes most of the following:
hair, eyes, pupils, ear, two or three parts at the neck, arm and fingers, leg and foot.
The arm for most is placed accurately (in the upper third of the body), points upward,
and is either of the right length or too short. The three fingers may be shaped nicely.
Leg placement and length are improving though the leg may may be too straight and too short. The foot points in the correct direction and is usually of a good length.

Hair is very variable and has not as yet come into graduated lengths.
The big thing here is the increasing expression in the eyes.
Some eyes are oval or approaching an oval shape and have pupils.
Ear shape is improving, and many Eights try to to shape the ear correctly.”


“Completing the Incomplete Figure of a Man,” from Your Eight-Year-Old: Lively and Outgoing


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you’re a dog

“Suddenly we are on that greyish borderland between science and philosophy, where everything depends on how one defines such things as ‘pain,’ ‘sentience,’ and ‘awareness’ in animals when humans have themselves barely begun exploring the nature of their own consciousness. It is a hoary truism that we can never know what it is like to be someone else, not even a close relative, let alone…

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how we behave

[flowplayer src=’’ splash=’’]     ENID: It’s so hard to tell with him. . . He’s such a taciturn fellow . . . BECKY: Where did you get all these words? ENID: Oh, it’s just because of studying for that stupid test my dad wants me to take. BECKY: I thought you weren’t going to take that test. ENID: Yeah, well . . . My…




“Foreshortening means violating certain things we know in favor of drawing what we see. It may require you to draw a person you know to be tall and thin as compressed and squat. Of course, when you are finished the drawing will look right. But while you’re working it may not feel right.

Foreshortening requires that you have faith in the authority of your eye, and trust that by the time you’ve added features you’ll wind up with a convincing head.

The more we see the end of something, the less we see of its sides.”


Basic Drawing Techniques, edited by Greg Albert and Rachel Wolf, drawings by Bert Dodson

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