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BD-3000 Luxury Droid: Maid of Metal

“Nicknamed ‘Betty Droids,’ these graceful, gleaming mechanicals come in a number of bright colors. They serve wealthy owners as secretaries, butlers, and attendants on worlds such as Coruscant.

Most Betty Droids are programmed to act like pretty, slightly dim girls in situations that fall out of their main functions. This annoys Republic citizens who note that the galaxy is full of smart, strong females such as Padme Amidala and Luminara Unduli.”

from Star Wars, The Clone Wars: Character Encyclopedia  Add a Tooltip Text


I don’t like scooping ice cream when it’s too frozen and I can’t get the scooper to dig in deep. I don’t like unloading the dishwasher when half the time I can’t tell if the shit is clean or dirty because whoever LOADED it did not RINSE the flatware. I don’t like refilling toilet paper rolls, and if there are none left under the sink, I don’t like driving to Walgreens to buy more. I don’t like setting up my DVR to record my favorite TV show when I am too busy buying toilet paper to watch it when it airs. The DVR is probably broken. I gave up on favorite shows. I don’t like clipping my nails, they grow way too fast and so does my hair. I’d like to take a pill to keep these things from growing. I don’t even like to eat because I don’t like preparing meals. Even choosing Sysco food products at the Wendy’s salad bar makes me feel tired. I don’t like getting into cold cars in the winter. I don’t like sweating. I’d like to take a pill to stop me from sweating. Showers are hard.