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“This is the plot: Krazy, inoffensive creature of uncertain sex, loves Ignatz Mouse. Ignatz despises Krazy—for his inoffensiveness, for his inpenetrable silliness, and for his unshakable affection—and Ignatz, (therefore?) devotes all his intelligence and energy to the single end of hitting Krazy on the head with bricks.”
Robert Warshow, “Woofed with Dreams,” 1946  ♥Add a Tooltip Text


dark light. reject accept. introvert extravert. popeye bluto.

Ma’am, I need to ask you to step out of the car.

drab splashy. cacophony harmony. pain of too much. pain of not enough.

Where were you two going so fast?

birth death. under over. cry laugh. dead alive.

Calm down, ma’am. Stop yelling.

winter summer. maxi mini. sad happy. fried steamed.

Who’s that in the passenger seat? Is she okay?

backstroke freestyle. broke flush. hate love. pity honor.

What’s she saying? If you’d stop screaming, I’d be able to hear her.

hopeful hopeless. calm panic. cat dog. soldier doctor.

No, it’s just . . . she looks too old to need a guardian.

black white. cloud cave. backward forward. forward backward.

She doesn’t need you. 

nothing something. nothing everything. nothing nothing. everything something.

 That’s what she’s saying.