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Mani Pedi

  “And that madness—talking to animals, trees, that part of themselves which suffocates and explodes, that transference—you find it in all women, including women of the middle class. It’s what I call their neurosis. Neurosis in women is so ancient, thousands of years old—all women are neurotic in my opinion—that people are used to their behavior. . . Of course women express this neurosis differently in…


wash it clean

  “In giving the Furies their place, we may come to recognize that they are not such alien presences as we think in our moments of evading them. In fact, far from being alien, they are part of ourselves, like all gods and demons. The conspiracy to forget them, or to deny that they exist, thus turns out to be only one more contrivance in…

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remember the future


“Orlan has recounted the circumstances surrounding her first surgical operation on numerous occasions; one could say that it has become part of her ever growing mythology. The story goes something as follows: during a 1978 performance symposium in which she was scheduled to speak, Orlan suddenly became ill. Instead of focusing completely on her physical pain and discomfort, Orlan reflected on the possibilities her medical crisis offered. As she was being rushed to a hospital, Orlan asked that a camera crew accompany her to the emergency room and document what was to be emergency surgery for an extra-uterine (ectopic) pregnancy. Orlan had the idea that a videotape of the event could be shown to fill the gap in the symposium program created by her unexpected absence.”

Tanya Augsburg, from her essay in the collection The Ends of Performance



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