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still from 'Carrie,' directed by Brian De Palma. from 'Stephen King at the Movies,' Starlog Press, 1986.


“In giving the Furies their place, we may come to recognize that they are not such alien presences as we think in our moments of evading them. In fact, far from being alien, they are part of ourselves, like all gods and demons. The conspiracy to forget them, or to deny that they exist, thus turns out to be only one more contrivance in that vast and organized effort by modern society to flee from the self.” –William Barrett, from Irrational Man Add a Tooltip Text

From a profile of Fiona Apple by Dan P. Lee in last week’s New York Magazine:

1. “she was consulting her laptop, which she often struggles to operate”

2. “she finds climbing into a normal bed torturous”

3.” if she saw a person burn his finger, her finger burned, and she’d have to run it under cold water to get it to stop”

4. “on the ledges of the wainscotting she had propped branches and books, her artwork, toy horses from her childhood, coconuts she’d drawn funny faces onto, peacock feathers”

5. “she’d dated a fat man specifically to see what that would feel like”