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“This game is so much fun, we do not care who wins.”

—Stephen Huneck, from Sally Goes to the Farm

am I traumatizing my children
are other people happier than me
do I generate too much garbage
why am I so selfish
why is everyone else so selfish
if I took driving lessons would I stop running over curbs
do other people’s thoughts chase them through the trees
do I look as old as other people my age
should I exercise more
why do we put so much weight on the surface of our lives
do the drugs I took in the nineties affect my present-day happiness
am I a bad person because I don’t weed my garden
am I a bad person because I didn’t plant my own garden
am I a bad person just in general
how do I teach my son not to lie
is radiohead influenced by robyn hitchcock
why couldn’t I ever learn to like robyn hitchcock
or jazz
if I had stayed at a real job would I feel more personally fulfilled
why couldn’t I ever stick with a real job
what is a real job
should I be looking for one
should I look for something else
do I have the right of way here or not?