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“Dr. King was born in 1929 in Georgia. Since he was black, he could not go to the same schools as white children. Black Americans also had to use separate restrooms, restaurants, theaters and swimming pools in some states. Dr. King thought that this was wrong.

His efforts helped bring about new laws to create equal rights for all Americans.”
—teacher worksheet by Cynthia Sherwood

made of the classes at her academy, country club summers, saddle shoes, shaved legs
made of elite institutions, air-conditioned museums, art books
i’m sorry officer, i didn’t know i was speeding
thank you, i won’t do it again
made of straight air, no freshener
made of straight hair, cotton sheets
thread count one thousand
made of fly there, drive’s too far
thank you notes, magazines, fashion, diets, accessories
made of never the checkout girl
never the waitress, never the maid
made of fine china, registry, engraved invitations
botox, waxes, twins in the bugaboo
made of cashmere, caffeine drinks, james taylor, l.l.bean
made of gated villas, all inclusive
made of pan asian takeout, never chinese