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Tenth month, 1753.
23. Indulgence in bed an hour too long.

Twelfth month
17. An hypochondriack obnubilation from wind and indigestion.

Ninth Month
28. An over-dose of whiskey.

29. A dull, cross, cholerick day.

First month, 1757.
22. A little swinish at dinner and repast.
31. Dogged on provocation.

Second month
5. Very dogged or snappish.
26. Cursed snappishness to those under me, on a bodily indisposition.

Third month
11. On a provocation, exercised a dumb resentment for two days, instead of scolding.
22. Scolded too vehemently.
23. Dogged again.

–from A Spiritual Diary and Soliloquies, by John Rutty, M.D., 1777


First month, 2012

1. cursed the resolutioners on Facebook
4. scolded tennis partner, cried
7. indulged in all of Moneyball late-night on Starz
8. ignorantly failed to maintain furnace
9. abused Google calendar
10. swinish at Whole Foods pudding bar