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dogged again


Tenth month, 1753.
23. Indulgence in bed an hour too long.

Twelfth month
17. An hypochondriack obnubilation from wind and indigestion.

Ninth Month
28. An over-dose of whiskey.

29. A dull, cross, cholerick day.

First month, 1757.
22. A little swinish at dinner and repast.
31. Dogged on provocation.

Second month
5. Very dogged or snappish.
26. Cursed snappishness to those under me, on a bodily indisposition.

Third month
11. On a provocation, exercised a dumb resentment for two days, instead of scolding.
22. Scolded too vehemently.
23. Dogged again.

–from A Spiritual Diary and Soliloquies, by John Rutty, M.D., 1777


First month, 2012

1. cursed the resolutioners on Facebook
4. scolded tennis partner, cried
7. indulged in all of Moneyball late-night on Starz
8. ignorantly failed to maintain furnace
9. abused Google calendar
10. swinish at Whole Foods pudding bar


An hypochondriack obnubilation from coffee burn on tip of tongue that has persisted for days. Resentment at fellow train passenger for excessive wind and indigestion.

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