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Pop Quiz



“An audience, for anything in the arts, does not pre-exist. It is part of what is created.”

Renata Adler, from Gone: The Last Days of The New Yorker



1. What do you know about Vernon Jordan?
2. Name 5 famous cartoonists.
3. When was the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) ratified?

4. How does a couple know it’s headed for divorce?
A. No way of knowing.
B. Spouse cries every day.
C. Spouse cries once a week.
D. They always text, never talk.

5. Essay Question (choose one)

A. Why are some people lifelong insiders, while other people can barely get inside their own skin?
B. Would you rather live in a new house or an old house? Explain.
C. Why isn’t he looking for you? Is it because he knows he can’t find you? Or is he just too tired to look?



film clip is of Robert Crumb from Crumb, c. 1994 directed by Terry Zwigoff. Crumb Partners, Sony Pictures (DVD)

Is this some sort of rhetorical, friendship quiz or more like a fact finding mission?
1) Not too much, although I do seem to remember he was connected to the Clinton administration.
2) Gilbert Shelton, Bill Watterson, Peter Bagge, Harvey Kurtzman, Charles Schultz (and Robert Crumb, do I get extra credit for continuing?)
3) Has it been?
4) All of the above.
5)(c) Because you're looking for him.

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