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“By enabling farmers to generate food surpluses, food production permitted farming societies to support full-time craft specialists who did not grow their own food and who developed technologies. Besides sustaining scribes and inventors, food production also enabled farmers to support politicians.”
Jared Diamond, from ‘Guns, Germs, and Steel’ Add a Tooltip Text


This is the backyard of a spec home in _____?______.

Grass fed beef costs around $25 a pound and tastes like mud.
Corn-fed beef is fatty and tainted and very evil.
The cow on this grill was fed only _____?____.

The large urn by the pool holds the remains of the homeowner’s mother, father, and a beloved family pet, recently deceased. The pet was a two-year-old puppy named Barry. Barry was a crossbreed, one of the new hybrid options.
The name of his breed is pieced together from the breeds that were crossed to create him. The last syllable of Barry’s breed is “doodle.”
The first two syllables are _____?____.

Barry was hit by the Poland Springs delivery truck. There is no question here.

One of the stainless steel drawers exists exclusively for the warming up of hot dog and hamburger buns. No question here either.

At the party, one man is going to drink far too much. He will then go into a mild and mostly harmless blackout. When he wakes up the next morning with a vicious hangover, he will long to ask his wife if he said or did anything stupid. When he and she first dated, right after college, she would give him a full report and they would have a laugh about it. But the whole morning and afternoon go by and the man doesn’t mention it to his wife. In fact, they don’t speak at all.

At dinnertime, they decide to go out.
“Diner or pizza?” she asks.