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ear in the grass



“The average number of parts now added is ten. This includes most of the following:
hair, eyes, pupils, ear, two or three parts at the neck, arm and fingers, leg and foot.
The arm for most is placed accurately (in the upper third of the body), points upward,
and is either of the right length or too short. The three fingers may be shaped nicely.
Leg placement and length are improving though the leg may may be too straight and too short. The foot points in the correct direction and is usually of a good length.

Hair is very variable and has not as yet come into graduated lengths.
The big thing here is the increasing expression in the eyes.
Some eyes are oval or approaching an oval shape and have pupils.
Ear shape is improving, and many Eights try to to shape the ear correctly.”


“Completing the Incomplete Figure of a Man,” from Your Eight-Year-Old: Lively and Outgoing


I bought a box of old cocktail napkins at an estate sale for one dollar.
I only bought them because I didn’t want to leave without buying one thing.
That’s a rotten feeling when you have made the effort to find out about an estate sale, drive there, park your car, get out of the car, walk inside, and then spend up to two hours in a musty house staring at weird stuff that belonged to a person or people who are now dead. You have to find something to buy, even if it’s just one, little, useless item.
For example, a leather jacket that does not fit and is not made out of leather.
For example, a wobbly hat rack.
A handmade concrete manger scene, a framed x-ray, an ashtray shaped like Spain.

So I bought this collection of bar napkins and then later, after I got home, I decided I liked the napkins very much.
This does not always happen with items purchased at an estate sale.

The two ladies who were running the sale were talking to a locksmith about a safe upstairs. They could not get it open.
The old man had died without leaving a combination or any information for his relatives.

You think you got troubles?

Name two movies that start with a decomposing human ear, lopped off and ant-infested in the tall, green, American grass.

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