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“It would be a good idea to clear up one possible source of misunderstanding at the very outset. To some people new to the idea of reincarnation, this concept suggests a series of lifetimes including experiences both as animals and as humans. While some schools of thought do teach that we develop through animal and human incarnations, this is by no means the general view. Many sources, including the Edgar Cayce material, hold that human beings reincarnate only as humans, never as animals. The readings clearly indicate that animals and humans are two different orders of creation, and that animals lack a human soul. So put aside any thought that you might have had a past life as some sort of animal. We’ll be dealing entirely with your history as a human soul, experiencing human incarnations only.” —Robert C. Smith, from Edgar Cayce: You Can Remember Your Past Lives

I personally have no problem with the concept of reincarnation. The concept of reincarnation can be very soothing and mentally freeing. I can try it on without feeling crazy.

The snag for me is this: how is it possible for souls to be recycled continuously from the less populated past into the overpopulated future? Are there men and women wandering around without souls, because the last available soul was grabbed from the shelf a minute before they were born? If you factor in the souls of bed bugs and cattle, it makes more sense. Mathematically.

The place where I worry most about the soul supply of the ever-growing population is the average I-95 rest area of a summer afternoon. All those people choosing between Sbarro and Blimpie, all those baggy shorts, all those minivans getting off and back onto the road, all those people having full complete lives and they don’t even know me.

I am just one of the rest-stopping MULTITUDE.
Otherwise known as “the many.”

Reincarnation. Use as needed.

Paulo Cohello touches upon this very topic in his book “Brida”, though I’m not sure if he invented the concept. There are no soulless people, rather, souls are split in two when more are needed. From this arises the concept of “soul mates”, whom you can recognize by a certain light in their eyes, although people often miss this subtlety. The ability to see this light can be improved through the following if the Tradition of the Moon, which largely consists of an inner journey. Another way to recognize ones soulmate, honed by following the Tradition of the Sun, in which you master a craft of some sort, and external journey, is by a light that can be seen hovering over your soulmates’ right shoulder. Anyway, there is one possible explanation for you, coming from a very enjoyable book, in my opinion.

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