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“Foreshortening means violating certain things we know in favor of drawing what we see. It may require you to draw a person you know to be tall and thin as compressed and squat. Of course, when you are finished the drawing will look right. But while you’re working it may not feel right.

Foreshortening requires that you have faith in the authority of your eye, and trust that by the time you’ve added features you’ll wind up with a convincing head.

The more we see the end of something, the less we see of its sides.”


Basic Drawing Techniques, edited by Greg Albert and Rachel Wolf, drawings by Bert Dodson

drawing from life means
someone has to get naked and sit very still for you

drawing a still life means
you care about appearances

drawing out a shy, quiet person and falling in love with them means
you like to hear yourself talk

drawing blood means you work at quest

quest means something might be wrong with you

wrong with you means wrong with you

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