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“Rounding the corner two blocks away was a woman.
She was running toward Morgan but on the opposite side of the street . . .

She ran well.

However, her breasts were heavy for her lithe figure. They moved laggingly, as if reluctant to keep pace with the rest of her.

The woman did not acknowledge Morgan, running by him with her chin in the air, but as she passed, her left arm rose above her head and from her clenched fist she extended her middle finger.”

— E.L. Doctorow from his short story “The Foreign Legation”


Did you hear the one about all babies starting off as girls? In utero, I mean. And then at around ten weeks, the boys start to “differentiate?”

Fun to think about, but it’s not entirely true. XX and XY may appear to have the same basic package, briefly, at the beginning. But the boob future has already been decided; they have been gendered since conception.

That faulty gestational meme could have explained everything: nipple confusion, charlie sheen, dull, lifeless hair, and addiction.

Too bad.