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bubble envy


“To find oneself again in a state of extreme shock, clarified by unreality, with, in a corner of oneself, some fragments of the real world.”

Antonin Artaud


Also appearing, Robert Reed, whose perm and fine mustache could not keep Mike Brady from sabotaging the performance.

Coincidentally (or maybe not so coincidentally…ooooh), given the theme of immunodeficiency, Robert Reed perished because of HIV.

Do they still make movies about horrible teenagers who are cruel to their disadvantaged peers?

Or are teenagers heroes?

Is teenager still a word?

What is a teenager?

And what about the girl he loves, the one with the long, blonde hair?

(She rides a horse, not pictured.)

What if he’s not immune?

“The Boy in the Plastic Bubble” was Travolta’s finest work, until “Pulp Fiction” resuscitated his career, much like the bubble in this scene.

He was autoimmune. But not to the charms of Glynnis O’Connor, who went on to die as Emily Webb in a TV production of “Our Town.”

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