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four fiends away

3. Sleeplessness, weariness, and adrenaline are symptoms or paranoia, of engaging in illegal activity in plain sight. ‘Four fiends away’ indicates the distance between me and the street-level action. The implication is that I’m a boss, to some degree buffered from low-level workers who can be easily urged to cooperate with authorities.”

note explaining a line to the song “Can I Live?” by Jay-Z, from Decoded


jay-z says he never “used” drugs, or only “used” drugs in the sense that he “sold” them.
at least that’s how i interpret what he says in this david letterman interview.
that statement reminds me of bill clinton, when he claimed that he put a joint in his mouth but he never inhaled.
it doesn’t really matter, i don’t actually care if either of these charismatic guys did drugs or didn’t do drugs.
i care about honesty, in a general way. i was taught to seek it out, especially in politicians (haha).
however, i understand there is no such thing, when we are telling stories about ourselves, our “personal histories.”
let’s just admit there is no such thing as honesty when we talk about ourselves.
doesn’t apply.

This photo is from the book Values and Visions, A Merck Century.

“In which the development of the company’s manufacturing capabilities, from the earliest days at Rahway and St. Louis, are examined and its goals—quality, productivity, safety, environmental protection—are set in historical context.”

I think this book was published internally, maybe as a party favor or retirement gift. It makes a reader feel very loved, in a corporate way. Sigh.

Jay-Z went from being a drug dealer to being Jay-Z.
But you knew that already.
Decoded is also a kind of internal party favor.
It’s a slick, hip, make-you-feel-lame piece of book candy.

Sorry, I know he’s God, but some of his lyrics don’t make sense.
Others just don’t make sense to me.
Footnotes appreciated.

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