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mutual agreement to fight


“War is the realm of physical exertion and suffering. These will destroy us unless we can make ourselves indifferent to them, and for this birth or training must provide us with a certain strength of body and soul. If we do possess those qualities, then even if we have nothing but common sense to guide them we shall be well equipped for war.”

Carl Von Clausewitz, On War


What I was saying earlier about Darth Vader is that he is too demanding and inflexible and he’s not a good listener. My mother used to tell me that you catch more flies with honey than you do with. . . something else, I can’t remember. Not that I really want to catch flies. Though I did catch flies sometimes, when I was a kid. I was bored and the flies were slow and stupid.

This photo is taken COMPLETELY out of context and I feel rotten about that. The context is explained on the Notes page. I had to post the picture. I just had to post it. The end.

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