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right to know


“freedom of opinion is a farce unless factual information is guaranteed” —hannah arendt



The Wiccan pranksters are introducing the “news” section of the show, which on Laugh-In was politically charged and left-leaning . . .could maybe be seen as a precursor to Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report as well as SNL “Weekend Update,” from which no one ever actually got their “news.”

The quote is from Losing the News, The Future of the News That Feeds Democracy by Alex S. Jones, a real/serious (real serious) reporter. His book is about what you think it’s about: The internet is ruining journalism.

You see, it’s all connected…

People who claim that the Internet is causing an epidemic of A.D.D. ought to watch Laugh-In and rethink their position. This is comedic Chop Suey. It does not make me laugh, but it does make me wonder. This little snippet reminds me of a Wiccan prank, if there is such a thing. We could give it a feminist read, starting with tan Dan’s executive suit and the bowing and cooing, but the ladies seem ironically detached enough to fend for themselves. I have faith in Ruth Buzzi, because I saw her in a Bikram yoga manual. Oh and look, there’s Goldie Hawn. Cute.

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