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kids may be naturally inclined to believe in god. religious educators seem to think so. the problem is, when a childhood god does not deliver the perfection which is promised, or perceived as a promise, that god is banished, sometimes forever. in persepolis, her god comes back, with karl marx at his side for reinforcement.

This is a tiny piece of the great, big, beautiful Persepolis, the animated adaptation of the graphic novels by Marjane Satrapi. Persepolis chronicles her childhood and adolescence in Iran during the revolution and war of the late seventies and early eighties.

I was coming along at the same time, but seventh graders in Virginia, U.S.A., did not think about the children in Iran. We knew we were supposed to hate Khomeini for taking the hostages. That’s about as far as we got. Of course, I can only speak for myself. I was clueless. In fact, it was Satrapi that first showed me the deeper story, and her books did not come out here until 2003. There you have it.

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