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I am not going to tell you what is taking place in the picture. You will have to go find out, and you can and you may. And that makes this post a tiny advertisement for National Geographic, which is good, because I like NG and I don’t want to steal from them.

Charlie Baudelaire is one of those guys. Everyone thinks he is really interesting, and everyone says he is so brilliant, but I never did get around to talking to him at the party, and it was just as well. At least I didn’t say anything stupid to him. Maybe he noticed me. Maybe I even seemed mysterious, because everyone else was speaking French and I only speak English and I don’t like poetry. Wait, that’s not true. I like it. I just don’t read it. Often. In French.

I am sorry I did not use Charles Baudelaire’s name on the front page.
You know why.

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