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I will never dine out again.


(2) Personality and health: attitude to fame, vii; her own sex, 3; and influenza, 5; past, present, and future, 5, 36; impressions from Cassis, 6, 8; from an accident, 6; and Jacques Raverat’s death, 7-8; and her own image, 9, 12, 21, 37, 132; her anti-bugger revolution, 10; on clothes, 11,12,21,42, 90-1, 113, 296, 334; party consciousness, 12, 13; fidgety, 15; her reputation, 16, 21, 22; on Kate Stephen’s death, 17 & n; jangled, 18, 21; on human fellowship, 22; no lioness, 30; ‘I do not love my kind’, 33; most beautiful, 35; aristocracy v. middle class, 37, faints at Charleston, 38-9; still amphibious, 40-41; to take fences, 42; headache renewed, 44;  tumbled into bed, 46; imagines death, 48; K. Mansfield recalled, 50;  Sapphist love, 51; wish for maternal protection, 52; measles . . .


Post title and index note taken from The Diary of Virginia Woolf
Film clip is from Days of Heaven, written and directed by Terrence Malick. Paramount Pictures, 1978.


measles. the litmus test for human substance involves choosing sam shepard over richard gere repeatedly, and without reservation.

More about Edward. He stood her up. He told her she was pretty. He promised to buy her a “fuh.” Then he disappeared.

Her younger friend climbed from the second-story window of a home for wayward girls. So she could wander beside, giddy and worshipful.

Her younger friend escaped by knotting bed sheets together and securing them to the leg of a heavy bed.

Everyone wants to do that.

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