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the chairman of the bored

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“So if you are bored, don’t tell anyone. But here are eighteen things you can do by yourself . . . give yourself a massage, munch a carrot very slowly, purchase a magazine that you wouldn’t ordinarily read, like Playgirl, New Republic, Ms.  . . .and read at least two articles in it, etc . . .” (Sol Gordon)


Somehow a book called The Teenage Survival Book got into my hands when I was actually a teenager. Sol Gordon was “quite the” liberal psychologist, author, and sex educator whose message was more horrifying than Prince. He held many feminist views and he was giving the sex advice away like candy. He died in 2008; I found his memorial page on the internet. It was brimming with “hatorade.” That was awful to see for lots of reasons.

The picture and the helpful hints are sort of depressing, aren’t they? Being a teenager sucks like that. Back to the double bind.

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