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potentially offensive releases


“The women demanded  a standardized ratings system, with specific symbols to be used to identify ‘profanity, violence, suicide, or sexually explicit lyrics. . .Further ratings would identify albums that glorified drug use and alcohol abuse or that featured lyrics about the occult.”

Steve Greenberg, “Where is Graceland? 1980s Pop Culture Through Music”

Another interesting fact that Greenberg points out is that it was Prince’s song, Darling Nikki, that started the whole drama because Tipper heard her daughter listening to it. I used to torture my mother with Prince’s dirty sex talk in “Let’s Pretend We’re Married” on 1999. I’d sneak it on in the car to see how she would react. It was pretty ridiculously explicit. Maybe Prince had/s sexual hangups that I didn’t yet understand at age sixteen? I had the Dirty Mind poster up in my room (g-string, shower, underarms, etc). My mother actually paid me to take it down. That was a tidy deal.

And Frank Zappa said, during the hearings, “Taken as a whole the complete list of PMRC demands reads like an instruction manual for some sinister kind of ‘toilet training program’ to housebreak all composers and performers because of the lyrics of a few.’ Hmmm. Not only is that a bizarre thing to say, but Frank Zappa as a spokesperson is such an interesting choice . . .

This quote is from an article about pop music in the eighties, and it is describing the efforts of Tipper Gore and others to establish a record industry ratings code.
It says in the article* (see notes page) that the ratings system law did not pass. SO they went with the Parental Advisory labels and I think it was optional for record stores/companies to use them. Itunes selections will carry an “explicit” warning, though you don’t get details on what is “explicit” until you listen to the explicitness. Too late, you’ve been exposed.

So,Im taking a bit a a turn here.
Talking about the early ’90s, when Gore’s wife was pontificating beyond her realm. Hate’s all the young kids.

The most explicit and tangible evidence nonsense of our time is what most folks agree is the West Memphis Three.
Maybe the most egregious in a while.

So, I say this knowing you have seen all three. Not so different than the first two, but a bit of closure for them. But not so much on the system.
They are out, but not happy with what they had to do.

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