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missed glass

“TIP: If glass gets broken, pick up every sliver before your baby does. Pick up the largest pieces by hand. Vacuum thoroughly or sweep with a broom, using a damp newspaper as a dustpan. Use damp paper towels to wipe up the entire area. Turn the lights off and use a flashlight to search carefully from every angle for small pieces. Hopefully any glass you missed will twinkle. I do one final step (being the self-sacrificing parent): I walk around in my bare feet over the entire area—better for me to get glass in my foot than my baby.” (ruth yaron)

Thinking more about Lenny Bruce. He took people out of their comfort zone, talked about what was “real,” and he had a lot of fans so there must have been people who liked to be taken to the edge with him. I have also heard plenty of Lenny Bruce that was not particularly edgy, it was vaudeville-influenced shtickiness. But then the whole legal battle over obscenity started, and that wasn’t funny. And he would get up on stage and read his court transcripts. Not funny. And of course he was a drug addict. Not funny.

it’s all by Ruth parentheses included. i think her baby food tips are actually pretty great, up to a point. but then when she starts going on about cleaning eggs with anti-bacterial soap before cracking them, i have to wonder . . .

That book was my bible until I decided it was just making me feel really bad. But I don’t remember this piece of gold. Is the parenthetical thought yours or the author’s? Because, um, wow! I came by from Marcy’s Facebook share. I’ll be back. I’m often itchy.

This is the picture Newsweek ran with Lenny Bruce’s obituary on August 15, 1966. It wasn’t a very nice obit. His wife didn’t write it.

The text is from a book for anxious parents called Super Baby Food. (by Ruth Yaron, Roberts Publishing Company, Peckville PA.)

I just feel like she, um, well. Maybe she goes too far?

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