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bottled up


“As sleek as satin and as chic as the bistro decor of cafes along Saint-Germain-des-Pres, our Parisian stacking chair is a blackened steel star, ready for her close-up. Note the gracefully tapered legs, elegantly curved shoulders, and wide raised back. $325 each.”


I feel stalked by the catalogs that come to my house. I never did invite them in. This one is “Viva Terra.” My chapeau is off to the copywriter. But really I don’t go for catalogs. Especially when they dress themselves up as magazines.

The clip is from “Jules et Jim.” I won’t even presume to say anything about the film because I only watched the first bit, then I got restless and scrolled through to the tragic ending. Triangle, costumes, voice-over, car crash. Finis.

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