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The Copenhagan Interpretation . . . merely said that the world is decided when the many possibilities of the quantum world “collapse” to become the certainty of the classical or physical one. Which, if you can get around the peculiar scientific usage of the word collapse, seems to imply that the world is made up as we go along. More recently, theorists have suggested that our universe is simply a quantum fluctuation in some pre-existing region of space-time, and that this can work both ways—ours came from some earlier universe, and ours leads in turn to a further universe, in a process that really has no beginning and end. –marq de villiers, the end

I mentioned this book, The End, in an earlier post. (Henny Penny Cabaret, Nov 17) It was not hailed as particularly faithful to hard science. Still, if you like to flirt with the quantums . . you go. This picture comes from The Beginners Bible (c. 2005 Mission City Press). In this case, the beginners are just little kids. Poor things, it’s not their fault, they are beginners at everything. There’s a whole kinda quantum collapse going on right here in this crazy, colorful drawing. Get your wheelbarrow.

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