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she killed her children to get back at her husband. he left her for a rich girl.

everyone tried to stop her.
they couldn’t stop her.

she was pretty mad at jason.
cheating, back-stabbing hero-type.
people couldn’t get therapy back then.
or medication.

just wine, and a chorus. she didn’t listen to the chorus.

killed her own kids, every last one of them.

rubber gloves really do help.

Memaw, what is a chilblain?
Why, darling, don’t you know it is an inflammation followed by itchy irritation on the hands, feet, or ears, resulting from exposure to moist cold.
Oh, then what’s it called when your feet crack in the summer from walking around the city in flip-flops and missing your pedicure?
Those are called cracked heels. Try putting a little crazy glue in the fissure.
Speaking of crazy, that was wack what Medea did to get back at her husband, Jason.

I sure love fancy household gloves. Sigh.

(“Medea” by Euripedes has to be common use at this point but this edition is c. 2006 by Oxford University Press.)

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