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Oh and by the way, this photo is from an old coffee table book my father boxed up and sent me when he cleaned out my childhood home, just before my parents sold it. The buyer demolished the house and cut down every tree on the property, but that is an aside. The book is warped, mildewed, and moldy. I suspect it might even be a health hazard to keep it around but look at this image! Taken in the uncivilized days before PETA etc. It’s a roll top writing desk designed a long time ago by Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann. I have no idea where the poor leopard came from. He/she was not credited in the photo. The book is Art Deco by Alain Lesieutre, c.1978 Castle Books.

I think that there are some parallels with the French Revolution of 1848 going on down on Wall Street. Louis Phillipe rose to power in 1830, supported by a banker and liberal politician named Jaques Laffitte, who proclaimed “From now on, the bankers will rule.” By 1848, 1% of the population controlled 99% of the wealth. Demonstrations were outlawed, so activists held a series of fund-raising banquets, known as the Campagne des Banquets. The people down on Wall Street are itching for change, and maybe this is their Campaign of Itchy Banquets?

I love this quote by John Waters. When asked how he felt about Occupy Wall Street, he said,” Oh, I’m all for it! Are you kidding? I would be down there getting laid and getting high just like they are! But I can’t really go because, you know, I own three homes. [Laughs] I love that they have no demands—that makes grown-ups so mad.”

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