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Life of Brian

“Cheer up, you old bugger. Worse things happen at sea. I mean what you got to lose? You come from nothing, you’re going back to nothing, what have you lost? Nothing! Nothing will come from nothing. Know what I mean? Cheer up. Give us a grin. It’s the end of the picture. They’ll never make their money back. I said to ’em, ‘Bernie,’ I said,…



“The thing that’s the worst part is that a hundred years from now, hell, we ain’t even gotta wait that long, the next day, ain’t a living soul gonna care. Not a single memory of who you were is gonna survive. You won’t have left a mark, and nobody will even know you were ever here. You will be dead way before you die. You…

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♥ ∞ < Ø

Senior Class Awards Instructions Please nominate one girl (G) and one male (M) for each category of awards. These awards will be given out at our senior breakfast June 7th. Please include first and last names of the individuals you nominate. Most Likely to Be President:  _____________ Best Smile:    _____________ Best Hair:    _____________ Best Personality:    _____________ Most likely to be a comedian:    _____________ Most likely to…

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the arena

  “That sorrow can make one demented may be granted and is hard enough; that there is a strength of will that hauls close enough to the wind to save the understanding, even if the strain turns one slightly odd, that too may be granted. I don’t mean to decry that. But to be able to lose one’s understanding and with it the whole of…


hither and yon

    “Once a man and his wife were sitting outside the front door with a roast chicken before them which they were going to eat between them. Then the man saw his old father coming along and quickly took the chicken and hid it, for he begrudged him any of it. The old man came, had a drink, and went away. Now the son…

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how are you feeling?

  :The sun was no more than a degree or so above the horizon, where it stays when it is the end of the world. From the still-heated surfaces of the water—not thoroughly cooled by the former blackness—a slight low mist begins to rise; hovering; a mist so thin it is invisible to human eyes, yet strong enough to make the pale sun indistinct and…

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teachable moment

  “time that has elapsed ⇒ elapsed time a leaf that has fallen ⇒ a fallen leaf a man who has traveled widely ⇒ a widely traveled man a testicle that has not descended into the scrotum ⇒ an undescended testicle a Christ that has risen from the dead ⇒ a risen Christ a window that has stuck ⇒ a stuck window the snow which…


a problem like maria

  The Agents of Outrage: An embassy attacked. Diplomats murdered. The new calculus of violence against America. Brooklyn is Finished: Or has it only just begun? You call this an election? Could China and Japan go to war over these? The Adventures of Genius: True Tales of Brilliant Heroes –headlines in the checkout line at Whole Foods    I went on a silent retreat once,…

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Sit Ye Down

“If a fish is born in your aquarium and you call him John, write out a birth certificate, tell him about his family history, and two minutes later he gets eaten by another fish—that’s tragic. But it’s only tragic because you projected a separate self where there was none. You got hold of a fraction of a dynamic process, a molecular dance, and made a…

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“flattening of affect”

  “Life is a trifle; Honor is all; Shoulder the rifle; Answer the call. A nation of traders We’ll show what we are Freedom’s crusaders Who war against war… Sons of the granite Strong be our stroke Making this planet Safe for all folk.” “The New Crusade,” US battle song, by Katharine Lee Bates, WWI   film clip is from Blade Runner directed by Ridley Scott.…

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Gaelic Void

  B. Realms of Value  1. Ethics. The nature of good and evil. The problems of conduct and ultimate objectives.    a. The worth of living.  (1) Optimism. Existence is good. Life is worth living. Our outlook can be hopeful. (2) Pessimism. Existence is evil. Life is not worth the struggle; we should escape it by some means.  (3) Meliorism. Conclusions as to the goodness…

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Am I Real? and other horrible questions

“This happened back during the time when I still believed, if it could properly be called believing, that humans were the sole repository for a person, and that there was only one person filling each repository, a single person crammed into each casing of blood and flesh and bone. Before I understood that everyone, whatever the nature of their casing, was legion.” —Brian Evenson, from…

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sans culottes

  “Half-way up they closed in on me and started talking. The girl said, ‘Look the crazy girl, you crazy like your mother. Your aunt frightened to have you in the house. She send you for the nuns to lock up. Your mother walk about with no shoes and stockings on her feet, she sans culottes. She try to kill her husband and she try…

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is sadness an illness?

“Yes. I think it has to do with faces. Because I am always interested in faces. I just want you to sit down and look at the human face. But if there is too much going on in the background, if the face moves too much, if you can’t see the eyes, if the lighting is too artistic, the face is lost.”

—Ingmar Bergman


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