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Tag: Nan Goldin

bad environments

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Why do people often feel bad in good environments and good in bad environments?

Why do people often feel so bad in good environments that they prefer bad environments?

Why is it that a man riding a good commuter train from Larchmont to New York, whose needs and drives are satisfied, who has a good home, loving wife and family, good job, who has unprecedented “cultural and recreational facilities,” often feels bad without knowing why.

(Walker Percy via Spalding Gray)


fears and feelings














“If men and women often seem unsuited to one another, maybe it’s because they have different emotional realities and speak a different emotional language.  For many years, I found it hard to understand the feeling systems of men; I didn’t believe they were vulnerable and I empowered them in a way that didn’t acknowledge their fears and feelings.”

Nan Goldin, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency  (Please be assured that the above photo does not come from the Nan Goldin book, in case you are not familiar with her work.)


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