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divorce q + a

Every now and then someone asks me deep questions about my divorce, which happened exactly and painfully on DEC 18, 2018. My perspective on this life event changes day by day, week by week. The experience has opened a spigot to the grief inside of me. I suspected it was there. But I had never tapped it. My emotional position toward my divorce, especially when…

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Pushing the Broom

  –“At certain periods a nation may be oppressed by such insupportable evils as to conceive the design of effecting a total change in its political constitution; at other times, the mischief lies still deeper and the existence of society itself is endangered. Such are the times of great revolutions and of great parties. But between these epochs of misery and confusion there are periods…

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getting the love you want



Marie follows him into the rut: “When did you ask me to have sex? Go through it with the couples,” she says, gesturing around the room. “Was it last night?”

“Last night—and then several times last week.”

“Okay.” Marie pounces. “Now what was going on last night when you asked me that?”

“You were doing a lot of study.” Clem is a deer caught in the headlights.

“No, I was not doing a lot of study. It’s different, different.”

“Can I stop you both?” Marie and Clem both train their eyes on Coché. “I want the group to give you a little feedback. Let’s clue into the noncontent way you’re communicating.”


From The Husbands and Wives Club, A Year in the Life of  A Couples Therapy Group by Laurie Abraham.



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