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Tag: it’s hard to be a person

Sensitive is the New Depressed

[flowplayer src=’’ splash=’’]   “A subject would leave at midday with a variety of goals—withdraw money from the bank, buy dinner supplies at the grocer’s, pick up laundry at the dry cleaner’s, and so forth. But, typically, if she arrived at the bank and found a long line, the woman would stand at the end rather than choosing to move on to the next task.…

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hasty entrenchment

“Of all things, hard work has become a virtue instead of the curse it was always advertised to be by our remote ancestors. Our children should be prepared to bring their children up so they won’t have to work as a neurotic necessity. The necessity to work is a neurotic symptom. It is a crutch. It is an attempt to make oneself feel valuable even…


the healthy oyster

  “How does a pearl develop in an oyster? A jagged grain of sand makes its way into the oyster’s shell and makes its life unbearable. The oyster exudes slime to cover the grain of sand and the slime eventually hardens into a pearl. The oyster nearly dies in the process. To hell with the pearl, give me the healthy oyster!” Bertolt Brecht, from the…

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before and after

Virtue and vice, or pleasure and pain are not my heritage, Nor sacred texts, nor offerings, nor prayer, nor pilgrimage: I am neither food, nor eating, nor yet the eater am I— Consciousness and joy incarnate, Bliss of the Blissful am I. Atma Satkam (Song of the Soul), from Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar I am looking at these people. They want me to…

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Things I Don’t Understand

We all have different experiences that influence our attitude toward something, but the fact is that the world’s most knowledgeable art experts would not disagree very much on which are the best paintings. You can say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” or you can say “That’s your opinion,” but once two people know all about a subject, they almost always agree. We…


Time Passes and Music Plays

DIANNE: What’s that called when they run around in a movie and live life to the hilt while the music plays? ADAM: A montage. DIANNE: That’s it. They’re both in this montage where time passes and music plays. They have kids. One second, the kids are tiny. The next, they’re old enough to go shopping by themselves. The next, they’re leaving home to start a…

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lost and dreaming

[flowplayer src=’’ splash=’’] “I stop in front of the bus station, look in on the waiting people, and think about all the places they are going. But I know they can’t run away from it or drink their way out of it or die to get rid of it. It’s always there, you just look at somebody and they give you a look like the…

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dogged again

Tenth month, 1753. 23. Indulgence in bed an hour too long. Twelfth month 17. An hypochondriack obnubilation from wind and indigestion. Ninth Month 28. An over-dose of whiskey. 29. A dull, cross, cholerick day. First month, 1757. 22. A little swinish at dinner and repast. 31. Dogged on provocation. Second month 5. Very dogged or snappish. 26. Cursed snappishness to those under me, on a…


Large Pearl

    “There is a life-sized bronze statue of Woody Allen in Spain. (fact) Onion comes from a Latin word meaning large pearl. (fact) There are more chickens than people in the world. (fact) The models for Rodin’s The Kiss were his parents. (crap) Venus spins in the opposite direction of all the planets. (fact)” taken from cards for the game Fact or Crap, c. 2009…

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barking backward

“The old dog barks backward without getting up. I can remember when he was a pup.” –Robert Frost, “The Span of Life”   My boyfriend’s older brother was twenty-one. We were seventeen at the time, so twenty-one was a glamorous wedding with destiny. But “Russ” just sat there all day in the TV room, an extra bedroom on the second floor of his mom’s house.…

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a problem like maria

The Agents of Outrage: An embassy attacked. Diplomats murdered. The new calculus of violence against America. Brooklyn is Finished: Or has it only just begun? You call this an election? Could China and Japan go to war over these? The Adventures of Genius: True Tales of Brilliant Heroes –headlines in the checkout line at Whole Foods    I went on a silent retreat once, and…

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