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Tag: brazil

teachable moment

  “time that has elapsed ⇒ elapsed time a leaf that has fallen ⇒ a fallen leaf a man who has traveled widely ⇒ a widely traveled man a testicle that has not descended into the scrotum ⇒ an undescended testicle a Christ that has risen from the dead ⇒ a risen Christ a window that has stuck ⇒ a stuck window the snow which…


Sit Ye Down

[flowplayer src=’’ splash=’’] “If a fish is born in your aquarium and you call him John, write out a birth certificate, tell him about his family history, and two minutes later he gets eaten by another fish—that’s tragic. But it’s only tragic because you projected a separate self where there was none. You got hold of a fraction of a dynamic process, a molecular dance,…

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