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notes on fear, fight or flight

maybe I turned against myself (hypothalamus stimulates action)
maybe the selfishness and self-seeking have been a form of isolation (pituitary gland releases hormones)
did I back down as soon as there was conflict? (adrenal glands release epinephrine so your heart contracts, beats more strongly, beats faster)
was i operating as an island? (blood pressure rises)
often have trouble identifying with other women (blood sugar increases)
I sometimes turn on my friends…I withdraw…I assume they are leaving me out…  do I maybe leave myself out? (blood vessels on surface of skin contract so that if injury occurs, bleeding is lessened)
I suspect others of being closer to each other than they are to me (hair shaft stands erect)
I long for exclusivity with friends and lovers (pupils dilate, sharpening vision)
unable to trust others, unable to cooperate (breathing tubes open wider for deeper breathing)
kept my distance (digestion slows down)
emotionally dependent on one person at a time (perspiration increases)
refused to love her (muscles receive more blood)

“Epinephrine is a powerful heart stimulant, so powerful that in cases of cardiac arrest, epinephrine is sometimes injected straight into the heart”

(ABCs of the Human Body, Readers Digest, 1987)