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I keep your picture up on the wall. It hides a nasty stain that’s lying there. So don’t you ask me to give it back. I know you know it doesn’t mean that much to me.



Brevity Codes for Lovers in a Rush

10-0 Use CautionĀ 10-1 You are being received Poorly 10-2 You are being received Clearly 10-3 Stop Transmitting 10-4 O.K. 10-5 Relay Message 10-15 Prisoner in custody
10-15m Prisoner in custody (mental case) 10-16 Pick up prisoner 10-21B Call your home 10-30 Does not conform to rules or regulations 10-31 Is lie detector available?

10-32 Man with gun. 10-54d Possible dead body 10-72 Stand by for Civil Defense Test 10-74 Civil Defense Clear 10-75 Severe weather statement
10-91B Noisy animal (Barking) 10-91D Dead animal 10-91H Stray Horse 10-92 Your quality is poor 10-93 Your quality is good 10-100 Out using restroom

10-102 Cruelty to animals 10-103 Disturbance 10-103f Disturbance by fight 10-103m Disturbance by mental person 10-106 Obscenity 10-107 Suspicious person
10-108 Officer down or Officer needs assistance 10-112 Impersonating an officer 11-6 Illegal discharge of firearms 11-7 Prowler 11-8 Person down

11-13 Injured animal 11-14 Animal bite 11-15 Ball game in street 11-26 Abandoned bicycle 11-27 Subject has felony record, but is not wanted 11-31
Person calling for help 11-40 Advise station if ambulance is needed 11-41 Request Ambulance 11-42 Ambulance not required 11-43
Doctor required 11-44 Coroner required 11-45 Attempted suicide 11-46 Death report 11-47 Injured Person