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“a manifesto for a new kind of feminism that isn’t afraid to burn through itself to embrace the whole world.”

jacket copy, I Love Dick


The following plot summary is taken straight from the IMDb page for Kill Bill Volume 2.
Who writes IMDb anyway? It’s full of crazy. I don’t think I’m plagiarizing, because I’m telling you where I got this.
Anyway, I don’t care.

Chapter 7: The Lonely Grave of Paula Schulz

Budd goes to work at the strip club where he’s employed as a bouncer. He arrives 20 minutes late and sees that there are no customers in the club. He talks briefly with the bartender, Jay (Sid Haig), before he is called into the office by his hot-tempered, coke-snorting boss Larry Gomez (Larry Bishop). In the office, Larry argues with Budd over being late again, and Budd talks back, saying that there is nobody in the bar and there was no need for him to be there. Larry takes away Budd’s scheduled hours for several days and tells him in a rude tone not to come back to work until he hears from him. In the bar, Budd agrees to clean up after a broken toilet that a stripper named Rocket says is overflowing.

Budd returns to his trailer, but standing in front of it suddenly freezes. He enters the trailer but looks out the window. The Bride, who was hiding under the trailer, sticks to the wall so he does not see her. When she opens the door Budd shoots her in the chest with a shotgun loaded with rock salt. While she lies wounded on the ground, Budd, very pleased with himself, injects her with a sedative. He phones Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah) and offers to sell her the Bride’s Hattori Hanzo sword for a million dollars. Elle agrees to bring the money in the morning. Her condition is that the Bride must suffer to her last breath.

At a cemetery, Budd and an accomplice dig a large hole in the ground in which they plan to bury the wounded Bride alive. When the grave has been dug, the Bride is given a choice: if she does not resist, she’ll be given a flashlight; if she does, Budd will burn her eyes with mace and leave her buried alive in darkness. She chooses the flashlight, is put in a coffin and the lid is nailed down. “This is for breaking my brother’s heart,” says Budd. Budd and his accomplice lower the coffin into the ground, cover it with soil, and drive off. The Bride panics for a short time and recalls her training under Pai Mei.


ps here’s a link for fun, although it’s not fun. it’s pretty depressing. but i’m trying to include more links:

this link is fun! but it might make you sick.