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“Evil was defined as the use of power to destroy the spiritual growth of others for the purpose of defending and preserving the integrity of their own sick selves.”

M. Scott Peck from People of the Lie

The emergency did not begin at the election.
It’s death at the bottom of the lake. Rejection and unmet needs.
We eat ourselves alive from the moment we learn to share.
It’s natural. And it’s okay.
We can’t live forever. Something has to kill us.
We take care of it ourselves.
Lentement. Slowly.

It’s not about being crazy, of course. It’s about a lack of conversation.
It’s about using language that people we care about don’t understand.
And when someone doesn’t treat you like a person, you die a little death.
Even a stranger.
Especially a stranger.

Me? I express a need, and then I turn around and crush myself for having it.
This is a learned behavior.

To see in Spanish is Ver. I see you. Te veo.
Estás en la última fila de la foto.