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“my idea of divinity
in which nothing is merely potential and everything is actual and real”

René Descartes

A man became free.
How did he do it?

1. he prayed and meditated
2. he got high on various and sundry substances and behaviors
3. he won the powerball

tell the young people that the problem with drugs is that even if you have all you want—let’s say really you have access to all the drugs in the world—any kind you want—unlimited use, unlimited quantity—eventually the drugs will stop working—it’s just going to get really old—not fun anymore at all—

and there might be dead babies, you know?

that you helped kill
in one way or another

and the awareness—once it comes to you—of the dead babies—it’s going to make you sad—or at least uncomfortable—and you’ll think you can’t live with yourself —so you’ll have to start using more drugs again—but—like I said—

more drugs more drugs more drugs
more drugs more drugs more drugs

unlimited access—a lifetime supply—is not enough—is never enough—
it’s true—I’m not joking

and the same is true for sex, ice cream, and money.