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“I am in Lucinda Williams’s bedroom, and have been struck by a number of things. Above the headboard, and nailed to the wall, is a shiny, glitter-sprinkled, heart-shaped pink valentine from Jesus, who is depicted inside a diminishing succession of crucifixes, like so many Russian dolls, as pretty and effeminate, with a golden halo and dreamy blond hair. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jesus as a blond. Even so it makes you wonder: Do you want God above your bed?”

Bill Buford, from “Delta Nights” (New Yorker)

I leave you with this.
Is it erotic energy or is it a high?
Salt tastes the same on everyone’s skin.

How to defuse me?
Hold your bent leg and cradle it like a baby.

We were sent here because we can’t control our hands.
I have a wheelchair, but I don’t sit in it.
I push it around in front of me when I walk.

If it’s a high, then where is the low?
You don’t go back the way you came.
They dump you out with the orange peels.

High, low, it can’t stay sharp forever.
Depends on what we cut,
and what we keep in the kitchen.