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I am the frivolous coyote— I wander about.
I have seen Hasjesh-jin’s fire— I wander about.
I stole his fire from him— I wander about.
I have it! I have it!

—Navajo Creation Chant

I decided my to give away my old Blackberry since I don’t use it anymore. First I needed to delete the personal memos from the three years I had it: 2009-2012.

Because I am too lazy to figure out how to download them to my computer, I decided to type them out and save them that way. This was not a big project because:
A. I usually carry a notebook.
B. I don’t have that many ideas.

I also started tweeting after I got rid of my Blackberry; today, many of these thoughts would be born (and die) as tweets. Since I don’t know my own mind, I am posting them here, when the whole point of transferring the memos was to keep them private. Forgive me for editing out a few very personal items. You don’t need to see those.

–131 Madison Avenue

–And then she doesn’t use her blinker!
And the guy gives her a look. Shame on you. Your blinker is my signal. You are self-centered, because you don’t use your blinker.

Sitting there in the symphony he is falling asleep, head nodding, tucking his chin. Stravinsky. I am thinking how removed they all look up there playing their hearts out

–Behind the Beautiful Forevers
by Katherine Boo

are immune to the sting of sea anemones, a relationship called “commensalism.”

–Coffee Covers
acoustic versions of rock songs

–Community Mourns
Psychologist on TV talking about how it would be a comfort to S. and R. to know that thousands of people were mourning with them and praying for them. The love and compassion. Would help and support them.

–Creative Control
This class of people. The successful artists who go to parties together. When a culture can support an entire class of artists and writers. And when it cannot.

such a gift, such a precious innocent

–Emma Thompson
I don’t have anything against her, but whenever I am reading Jane Austen, her face floats up then morphs into Nanny McPhee



–I should not have read these books as a child:
Marjorie Morningstar
The Betsy
The Godfather
Looking for Mr. Goodbar

–“It’s All Good”
short comedic piece, wife batters hubby

–I wish I had a lazy eye

–Jarred and Domed
Why I feel like crying. I want to be loved and admired I don’t want to be sued want to go deep and do the soul work I have always been drawn toward

Don’t want to embarrass my daughter want to be free don’t want to get out there and make some money want to be loved don’t want to get old wish there were seats inside the dome

–Jigsaw puzzle
missing one piece

–Marry and Bury
Marion Barry.

–Mom gets eaten by piranhas.
Shark tries to eat Dory. Diver takes Nemo. Lighted fish in the deep cave

–Mother’s Day Movies:
A Woman Under the Influence
The Man Who Knew Too Much (with Doris Day)
Ordinary People
The Piano

–Orphanage: Parenthood
Scene in Hugo Cabret: maybe if I had known my parents I would know my purpose

–Playthings Past
book for collectors of old toys

–Rangers Apprentice
Warriors (feral cats)

–Reaches over, takes his glasses out of his pocket

–So Nice She is Annoying

–Take Your Place
Part of my shame and shyness comes from not feeling like I deserve a place at the table. People think I am dumb. etc

–The Maids
in the little station wagon

–Tornado Interceptor Vehicle: Sean Casey
1400 lb. tank

What an ass

Derek Jarman