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“Throughout the day the doctor was conscious that the slightly dazed feeling that came over him whenever he thought about the plague was growing more pronounced. Finally he realized that he was afraid.” –Albert Camus, from The Plague


Someone wise once said the choices we make define us far more than our abilities.
It may have been Harry Potter who said that. Or Harry Potter’s teacher.

When the first Harry Potter book came out, my adult friends were gobbling it up, and this made me sad/mad. Because most of these adult friends did not read challenging grown-up books or ask themselves challenging grown-up questions, though they were bright enough and educated enough to do so. In my annoying opinion, they were the obvious people to be going deep, and they refused. Maybe their lack of stamina (curiosity? passion?)—-maybe it didn’t make me sad. Maybe it scared me.

What about the guys in this video? They are going deep. Deep-end deep. Don’t-take-my-picture deep. I shot the “seated” footage in NYC yesterday. I ripped the dancing from a You Tube offering, which was shot in Santa Monica, California.

New York and Santa Monica: places where many of my thoughtful friends are “having lives.” But the situation is this: people have to make a buck. J.K. Rowling knows this. And we need our little pleasures. Nothing wrong with a little fantasy fiction, in which one loses all sense of time and human weariness.

What’s the problem?
The problem is this:

The Admissions Committee of Hogwarts Academy has completed its review of your application. You have many fine qualities but you are not a wizard, and you are not a fictional character, so I am sorry I must inform you that we will not be able to offer you a place in the entering class of 2013 or a position on one of our alternate lists.

Shirley Maclaine may have an opening in one of her workshops.
Carlos Castaneda?
(music on clip is Eminem, Cleaning Out My Closet)