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“Tactlessness is a pain-giving failure to hit upon the right moment; your tactless man will accost a busy friend and ask his advice, or serenade his sweetheart when she is sick of a fever. Should you be but now returned from a long journey, he will invite you to a walk.” –Theophrastus

It must be relaxing to be a buffoon.
No one expecting tact from you.
No one expecting to actually like you.
No pressure to like anyone in return.

You are relaxed, dear buffoon.
You are an idiot.

Good for you. It’s exhausting over here with the non-fools.
We have to say and do the right by everyone all the time.

We fall down. We say something stupid.
Me, it’s when I’m nervous.

I agree that the object of my tactlessness has the right to resent and despise me,
to judge me, to run me down in mixed company.

The village idiot. What a relief.
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