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Some things to consider about communal living . . .

How many people do you want around?
On what basis will you select them?
How will you support yourselves?
How will each person have privacy?
How will you deal with the government, with transient people, with runaways?
How will you educate your children?
How many dogs will you allow?


from Living on the Earth, by Alicia Bay Laurel. c. 1971.


I want fifteen people around. Five men, ten women including me.
I will select them based on their feet. If they have ugly feet, especially if they have warts or bunions, they are disqualified. Women with toes that are pretty enough to adorn with rings will certainly be admitted.
We will support ourselves by growing mayors and governors in the garden.
We will create privacy by sleeping in coffins.
We will teach government officials how to use Twitter and Vine.
We will listen to transient people until they bore us with their repetitive miseries.
We will give the runaways a place to live but only under the condition that they think, talk, and act like people with beautiful feet.
We will educate our children by giving them the benefit of the doubt.
We will allow dogs.